Drywall Installation and Repair

One of the most challenging tasks to do right. Let our experts take care of it for you.

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Expert Drywall Repair

We have several experts in drywall repair on our team. You cannot be a good painting company if you cannot repair and install drywall properly. Often one of our most commented on services, we have adopted the best techniques for repairing and installing drywall, which of course also helps to save our customers lots of money and time. Again, we only charge for what you need.

A couple of our gentlemen have worked for drywall companies for several years in the past, experience they have (thankfully!) brought to Chesapeake. This is an invaluable skill to bring to our trade and we are very fortunate to have them.

Some idea of what our drywall guys do

  • Remove old and install new drywall
  • Fix and patch holes or torn pieces
  • Fill dents or other marks, obvious or not, on your walls
  • Fix nail pops (those annoying bumps on the wall from drywall screws)
  • Re-hang, tape, mud and effectively hide the lines you can often see in drywall
  • Cut holes for and hang lights, recessed lighting, speakers, and more.
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